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The origins of Friedrich-Spee Grammar School date back to the year 1927, when the “Grammar School of the City and the District of Geldern” was founded at the “Issumer Landstraße”.

Due to an increasing number of students, the buildings became too small in the course of the years so that in 1957 the construction of the the new building began at the street which today is called “Friedrich-Spee-Straße”. Since its inauguration on March, 14th, 1959, it has borne the name of the Jesuit Friedrich Spee von Langenfeld (1591 – 1635), the famous baroque poet, author of spiritual songs and fighter against the witchhunt in his age.

Until today we feel obliged to his principles of tolerance and human dignity.

The school building has been enlarged in various reconstructions and renovations, the last of these in the year 2002, when 8 new classrooms and science rooms were built. So today modern lessons can be held in 42 classrooms and 19 rooms for special subjects (Biology, Chemistry, Physics, Computer Science, Geography, Arts and Languages). Particular emphasis is given to the areas of “Mathematics and Sciences” as well as “Literature, Languages and Arts”.

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